Wednesday, June 12, 2024

LSUS to offer certificates in nonprofit administration this fall 

by BIZ Magazine

The Nonprofit Administration program at LSUS is offering undergraduate and graduate certificates starting this fall. 

These certificates are designed for professionals who may not want to pursue an entire college degree but would benefit from college-level courses in nonprofit topics. 

The undergraduate certificate, available to professionals who don’t have a bachelor degree, consists of 18 credit hours (six classes) in senior-level nonprofit courses. These topics include the nonprofit voluntary sector, boards and leadership, financial oversight, fund and grant development, social institutions and administrative law. 

The graduate certificate, available to professionals with a bachelor degree, consists of 12 credit hours (four classes) in graduate-level courses. These include the nonprofit voluntary sector, boards and leadership, financial oversight and fund and grant development. 

“These certificates are a response from the nonprofit industry’s request for their employees to take credit-bearing courses to enhance their skills in nonprofit administration,” said Dr. Heather Carpenter, executive director of LSUS’s Institute for Nonprofit Administration and Research. “The curriculum is taught by experienced professionals in the field. 

“Our flexible and affordable program equips students with the foundational knowledge and practical skills necessary to succeed in the nonprofit sector.” 

The certificates can benefit professionals looking for leadership roles in the industry. 

Undergraduate classes can be taken online or in person while the graduate certificate is all online. 

The certificates were designed based on curricular guidelines from the Nonprofit Academic Centers Council. 

Credit hours earned in pursuit of these certificates can be used toward a degree. The program’s undergraduate degree launches this fall while the graduate degree has been established since 2001. 

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