Tuesday, February 20, 2024

Texas company acquires company with Shreveport data center

by BIZ Magazine

Venyu, a Baton Rouge-based data center operator and cloud service provider with a data center in Shreveport, has been acquired by a Dallas company as reported by The Advocate.

Venyu operates three data centers in Louisiana: the one in Shreveport and two in Baton Rouge. The approximately 45 employees at the centers are being brought over and the properties will be rebranded as Dart-Points. 

Prior to the sale, DartPoints operated eight data centers in Ohio, Indiana, and North and South Carolina. The acquisition expands the company’s reach into a third region of the country and continues DartPoints’ strategy of bringing computer storage to businesses in underserved, smaller markets, Willis said.

The deal could lead to more data centers being built in Louisiana as part of DartPoints’ strategy is to expand its facilities but increase the density of centers in its current markets.

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