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Applications now open for the Shreveport Leadership Program

by BIZ Magazine

For more than 40 years, the Greater Shreveport Chamber of Commerce has been identifying and preparing future leaders through its Greater Shreveport Leadership Program.

Founded in 1977, the Greater Shreveport Leadership Program is an engaging, in-depth program of the Greater Shreveport Chamber that develops community-minded business and civic leaders of tomorrow. This year-long interactive program provides a behind-the-scenes view of the issues that impact the region’s economy.

  • Identify, motivate and develop community leaders
  • Expand the leadership abilities of participants through educational programs, exposure to existing leadership and civic organizations, and in-depth discussions of relevant issues
  • Improve communication among leaders
  • Provide a channel for participants to gain access to leadership opportunities and become involved in the development of solutions for community challenges

The Greater Shreveport Leadership Program is available to a limited number of participants each year, with day-long sessions and culminates in the completion of a community betterment project. The program commences in February and ends with a graduation ceremony in November. The program begins with an orientation reception and includes a mandatory two-day retreat in February.

Participants meet once each month and travel as a group to various locations throughout the community. Sessions are usually held on the 2nd Tuesday of each month. The May session is also a mandatory, overnight, two-day visit to the Legislature.

Each class works collectively to select and complete a community service project to benefit a nonprofit organization project or cause. 

The Greater Shreveport Leadership Program consists of nine sessions, scheduled in advance, beginning in February. Attendance at all sessions is expected. Participation at the opening retreat is mandatory with no more than two absences in the remaining sessions. The mandatory two-day session in Baton Rouge is scheduled to coincide with the Louisiana Legislative Session. Participants not adhering to the attendance requirements will be automatically dropped from the program with no portion of the tuition refunded.

​Involvement in the Greater Shreveport Leadership Program does not end upon completion of the program. As part of an alumni organization, graduates of the Greater Shreveport Leadership Program are invited to join the Leadership Council supported by LSU-Shreveport College of Business. Leadership graduates are expected to assume active roles in the Greater Shreveport Chamber of Commerce and contribute to future Greater Shreveport Leadership Programs.

Throughout the Leadership Program participants will be introduced to a variety of opportunities for involvement, leading to leadership roles within the Chamber’s scope of work. Each participant enters into a 3-year commitment to serve as a Chamber volunteer with participation in the Leadership Program counting as the first year of service.

Participation is open to all citizens residing and/or doing business in Northwest Louisiana. The program targets individuals with diverse socio-economic backgrounds and seeks a racial and gender mix reflective of the population at large. The recruitment process ensures a varied group representative of: business and professions, government, neighborhoods, and the community at large. Participation in the program is limited and applicants are encouraged to reapply to subsequent programs if not initially accepted.

Applications will be reviewed by the Leadership Advisory Council and applicants will be selected to participate in the program.

Greater Shreveport Leadership Program tuition is $1,700 for member organizations and $2,200 for non-members which covers all program costs, meeting rooms, transportation during sessions and meals. A non-refundable one-time application fee of $50 will also be assessed. Each year, one scholarship will be awarded to a representative from the community at large.

For more information/to apply CLICK HERE, or email [email protected].

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