Tuesday, May 21, 2024

Ardoin announces legislative priorities

by BIZ Magazine

Louisiana Secretary of State Kyle Ardoin announced the Department of State’s legislative package ahead of the 2023 Regular Legislative Session.

“The legislative package we are championing this year include bills that will strengthen our election integrity and cybersecurity posture. I am calling on the legislature to pass the bills in our package, and for the governor to use his remaining time in office to strengthen our election integrity by signing them into law,” Secretary Ardoin said.

The package of bills includes:

  • · HB 159 by Rep. Les Farnum to provide for a supplemental voter canvass.
  • · HB 311 by Rep. Blake Miguez (Constitutional Amendment) to prohibit the private funding of elections.
  • · HB 361 by Rep. Daryl Deshotel to prohibit the use of TikTok on state devices or networks.
  • · HB135 by Rep. Mike Johnson to prohibit sex offenders from serving as election commissioners.
  • · HB 216 by Rep. Dodie Horton to allow for military members and their dependents stationed in Louisiana to serve as election commissioners.
  • · HB 174 by Rep. Julie Emerson to protect the personal, identifiable information of active duty military members and their dependents from being released in a public records request.

The legislative session begins on April 10 and ends on June 8.

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