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Alexander: Twitter files expose feds-social media collusion to undermine free speech

by BIZ Magazine

Elon Musk’s purchase of Twitter will surely someday be viewed as one of the most critical blows for American freedom, maybe in a hundred years or more.

Musk, who describes himself as a “free speech absolutist”, stated he would purchase Twitter to “free” the platform.  Musk has correctly observed that social media in America today serves as a national “town hall” and a modern day “public square,” a role previously played by public parks, local community meetings, and parish and country fairs and festivals.

However, attempting to return Twitter to a genuinely free speech platform is not even the most important accomplishment entailed in Musk’s purchase of Twitter.  

In my view, the most profoundly important discovery by Musk after his purchase is the extent to which Twitter and government agencies—including the upper levels of the FBI— collude to suppress and hide information critical for the American people to have and know.

Let’s consider just two prominent examples: The suppression of information about The China Virus, and election fraud in the 2020 presidential election.

We have already seen the Twitter Files expose government influence used to suppress China Virus opinions and viewpoints that contradicted White House storylines as well as numerous actions taken against accounts that posted views and data that contradicted CDC.

Free Press writer David Zweig cited “[i]nternal files” from Twitter that showed how the social media giant “rigged the COVID debate” at the behest of the federal government.  “The United States government pressured Twitter and other social media platforms to elevate certain content and suppress other content about Covid-19.”   (FOX Business, December 26, 2022).

Recall the heated dissent regarding the effectiveness and safety of masking children (and the population, generally) in public schools, the effectiveness of the vaccine and related mandates such as school closure, and the shutting down of the American economy.   

In fact, many prominent, accomplished medical doctors and scientists strongly disputed what the Biden Administration and Dr. Anthony Fauci at the NIH, as well as Woke scientists at the CDC, were insisting was “The Truth” about the virus, but Twitter conspired to silence such dissenters as peddling “misinformation.”   

However, we see now that these opinions which ran counter to those of the Government-Media Thought Police, have been proven to be scientifically accurate.   

Yet, because of this suppression of Free Speech, America did not “Follow the Science” in our public health response to The China Virus, and great social, educational, and economic damage has resulted. 

That’s scary and completely un-American.

Let’s look at another deeply concerning example: the 2020 presidential election and the Hunter Biden Laptop “from hell.”

The following is simply indisputable:

On October 14, 2020, the New York Post, one of the oldest and largest news organizations in the world, published its first major story on the contents of the Hunter Biden laptop which had been dropped off at a Delaware computer repair shop in April 2019 and never picked up.  This Post story exposed Biden family corruption and revealed the incestuous financial relationship between then-VP Biden with his son’s foreign business ventures.

Hunter Biden, although not equipped by experience, training, or sobriety to do any significant work, was being paid tens of millions of dollars from foreign companies based in places like China and Ukraine.  The emails also directly implicate the “big guy” Joe Biden, himself.

The Post story exposed these facts.

So, three weeks before the 2020 presidential election, how did Twitter—and many other social media platforms as well as the national media—respond?

The Government-Media Industrial Complex did everything in its power to suppress and stifle the Post story including removing all links readers would have used to access the Post story, attaching false warnings that the links might be “unsafe” and preventing users from sharing the links using direct message.  Twitter also then locked the Post’s Twitter account.

We simply cannot tolerate federal government agencies pressuring and coercing these social media giants into allowing only “government-approved” speech on their platforms.  That’s the furthest thing from “uninhibited, robust and wide-open” debate in the “marketplace of ideas” guaranteed by the 1st Amendment.  

It’s censorship.  It’s pre-approved speech and Groupthink, regulated by the Thought Police, of the kind we see in dictatorships like Iran, N. Korea, China, and Russia. 

Twitter Files revelations are dramatically changing the view of millions of Americans regarding our federal government and its collusion with social media to manipulate our national debate and alter our elections.

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