Citizens National Bank CEO’s message to customers

The recent events regarding the closure of Silicon Valley Bank and Signature Bank gives many of us a reason to think more than usual about banking. Any time there are unusual circumstances, it is important to ask questions to gain understanding.

While it will take months to analyze the root causes of the recent bank closures in California and New York, it will likely be determined those banks did not adhere to the conservative practices we live by at Citizens National Bank (CNB).

I want to reassure you that CNB is strong. Our core lending and investing philosophies are by nature conservative and we employ strong risk management processes to mitigate the risks inherent in those portfolios. CNB has a strong balance sheet, good liquidity, great asset quality and a seasoned team of banking professionals. We are well situated to navigate the uncertainty currently in the markets.

We want you to be comfortable with your banking relationship. Please feel free to reach out to your CNB banker, a member of our management team or me if you have unanswered questions. Your CNB banker or I can be reached anytime by calling 318-747-6000 or email me @

Thank each of you for all you do to make the communities we serve, the best they can be.

Jason D. Smith, President and Chief Executive Officer of Citizens National Bank

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