Thursday, February 29, 2024

BoomNation launches newest technology for skilled workers and employers

by BIZ Magazine

BATON ROUGE – BoomNation is further improving the skilled-worker journey with the launch of its newest, engaging technology, WorkOn. WorkOn focuses on project-based solutions that are easily accessed and utilized to build project culture and improve worker retention.

Powered by BoomNation, the skilled community platform connecting tradespeople with employers looking for a better way to engage with and hire qualified workers, WorkOn enables real-time information to answer the most asked questions, such as, “Where do I go?” “I think I’m at the wrong jobsite.” “Who do I call in case of emergency?” “Do I need FRC?” “Do I need to be clean-shaven?”

The new technology allows employers the ability to create company cards providing skilled workers with vital information about their jobs. That information includes GPS directions, contacts, site-specific information, emergency contacts, PPE requirements, orientation videos, texts and links, real-time updates, and so much more.

“At BoomNation we are building a platform skilled workers actually use,” said Brent Flavin, Co-Founder & Co-CEO of BoomNation. “WorkOn is a natural extension of our focus on innovating for the skilled worker’s journey. We started with empowering workers to showcase their skills, tell their amazing stories through relevant content, and find better work faster. With our latest innovation, WorkOn, skilled workers and employers are able to connect and engage on projects in a meaningful way, making a real impact on culture and retention within the skilled industries.”

BoomNation also recently launched its new podcast series, “Long Live The Trades.” Listen on Apple Podcasts and Spotify and go to and subscribe for more skilled stories.

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