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Ochsner Health among America’s Greatest Workplaces for Diversity in 2023 by Newsweek

by BIZ Magazine

NEW ORLEANS – Ochsner Health has been named one of America’s Greatest Workplaces for Diversity in 2023 by Newsweek. Ochsnerearned 4.5 of 5 stars on ascored list of 1,000 companies that most respect and value having different kinds of people. The list of America’s Greatest Workplaces for Diversity 2023 will be published in the Newsweek print issue on January 27.

“We are honored that Newsweek recognizes the ongoing work at Ochsner to be a more diverse and inclusive employer,” said Deborah Grimes, System Vice President and Chief Diversity Officer for Ochsner Health. “Our strategic plan is led by a vision to celebrate the uniqueness of all people, with a particular focus on inclusion–it’s one of our core values. As Louisiana’s largest health care system, we must provide equitable care in a culturally aware manner, and our employees represent the communities we serve.”

To determine most diverse workplaces, Newsweek based its scoring on a review of publicly available data, interviews with HR professionals and an anonymous online survey of a diverse pool of employees at companies with 1,000 or more employees in the U.S. This independent study was conducted in cooperation with market data research firm Plant-A Insights Group. Respondents were asked questions about corporate culture, working environment and other subjects at both their own companies and others they were familiar with. The survey yielded more than 350,000 company reviews.

“At Ochsner Health, we believe that teamwork and our diversity make us stronger. We are committed to maintaining a diverse and inclusive environment where employees and patients feel their unique experiences and perspectives are respected and valued,” said Tracey Schiro, Executive Vice President and Chief Human Resources Officer at Ochsner. “Over time we’ve established best practices and programs that embrace diversity and inclusion throughout our system as we work together to change and save lives.”

Some of the diversity initiatives underway at Ochsner:

  • A Chief Diversity Officer whose role focuses on developing policies and practices that promote focused attention to diversity and inclusion matters including recruitment, retention, workforce planning and career development.
  • A team of diversity & inclusion leaders who work collaboratively with local and system-level Ochsner leaders to foster a supportive environment, connecting and aligning those teams with Ochsner’s system-wide efforts.
  • Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) councils represent employees in every region and in key roles.
  • To support the needs of every individual on the Ochsner team, resource groups represent key interests across the organization. Ochsner Resource Groups are voluntary, employee-led groups that focus on the patient experience, community outreach, mentoring, recruitment and education. Each group is open to all Ochsner employees, no matter the identity.
  • Ochsner strives to have a diverse leadership team and create an inclusive environment for employees, families and patients, partner with the community and include Ochsner’s supply chain partners in its diversity and inclusion work.
  • Ochsner offers workforce training programs to help unemployed and underemployed find meaningful careers in healthcare.
  • Ochsner works within and across communities to emphasize the need to reduce disparate health outcomes and improve healthcare equity for all Ochsner patients.

Ochsner employees are encouraged to embrace the value of inclusion with the understanding that it creates synergy to celebrate individual uniqueness among people, cultures and structures. This leads to better collaboration—which ultimately empowers the Ochsner team to drive innovation and excellent outcomes.

“Our number one priority at Ochsner Health – always – is our patients,” said Grimes. “And in order to do our best to serve our patients, we have to invest in the wellbeing of our workforce. Diversity and Inclusion is essential to that process because when we feel supported–when we are within a fair and nurturing and compassionate work environment–we are inspired to do our best.”

For more information on Diversity and Inclusion at Ochsner visit Diversity, Equity and Inclusion at Ochsner Health.

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