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Alexander: The classified document scandal of VP Biden

by BIZ Magazine

This week U.S. Attorney General Merrick Garland appointed a special counsel after a second batch of classified documents was found inside the garage of President Biden’s Wilmington, Delaware, home.  The first documents were found inside the Washington, D.C., offices of the Penn Biden Center think tank.

What do we know?

Well, to begin with, what this latest Biden scandal underscores, yet again, is the corrupt nature of the FBI raid on President Trump’s Mar-A-Lago home in Florida on Aug 8, 2022.  A raid that reportedly included 30 agents—including SWAT teams—in 20 government vehicles swarming Mar-a-Lago in the Palm Beach darkness. 

When can we expect the FBI raid on Biden’s Delaware home or his D.C. think tank to further investigate the mishandling of our National Security secrets, a discovery known by the DOJ several days BEFORE the midterm elections and yet covered up from the American people?

The FBI raid of Trump’s home was such a galactic injustice and legal error that even the leftist Washington Post has since concluded (WP, Nov 14, 2022) what millions of us knew from the beginning: that Pres. Trump never did or intended to do anything illicit with those documents and simply believed they were his property.    In the past, disputes like these were worked out between a former president’s lawyers and the government’s lawyers and, at the very worst, a subpoena could be issued to settle any dispute.

Scott McKay, publisher of The Hayride, stated at the time: “There (were) no documents at Mar-A-Lago worth staging an FBI raid on a former president’s home. That’s the kind of provocative move that can start a civil war.”  

However, the critical difference between the Trump and Biden matters is that only a president can unilaterally declassify documents. Trump was the president and thus had the power to declassify any document or source of information he wanted and implicit in his act of removing those documents from the White House was a declassification of them.

But Joe Biden wasn’t the president at the time that these potential felonies—which weaken U.S. national security—were committed.  He was the Vice President.  And he had no power to declassify documents, much less take them out of the government chain of custody and protection and store them in his garage next to his corvette in Delaware, or his think tank in D.C.

Further, while this situation is still developing it appears that a number of the classified documents Biden had stashed potentially involve those reflecting payments to the Bidens of millions of dollars by Chinese “businessmen” connected with the Chinese Communist Party as well as documents covering U.S. foreign policy concerning the UK, Iran, and Ukraine.

Please recall that just prior to the 2020 presidential election the story of Hunter Biden’s “laptop from hell” was breaking universally before the top brass at the FBI and Big Tech conspired to suppress the story although the FBI knew the story was credible. 

The laptop makes clear that the Biden Crime Family, including ‘the Big Guy,’ benefitted to the tune of millions of dollars from the Chinese government.  The laptop contained not only details of the corrupt leveraging by Hunter Biden of his family connections with other nations in exchange for multi millions of dollars, but it also directly implicated through emails and voicemails then-presidential candidate, Joe Biden, himself.  One of those nations was Ukraine.

Reasonably, many are speculating that VP Biden removed and kept these classified documents because they would expose the corruption he and his family were involved with, all of which has been corroborated and highlighted by, again, the Hunter Biden laptop as well as his former business partner, Tony Bobulinski, which has been entered into the Congressional Record for all to read and view.

It all stinks to high heaven!

I wish I had confidence that the special counsel would get to the bottom of this but AG Garland and the top appointees at the Department of Justice and the FBI have become so politically weaponized that I doubt it.

As the National Review summed it up:

“The document drama exposes Biden as a hypocrite…. It’s another headache for a president who has never been forthright about his relationship to his family’s lobbying and consulting business.  Biden finished 2022 and spent the first week of 2023 on offense.  Now he’s on defense once more. He doesn’t like the feeling.  But he better get used to it.” (NR, Continetti, January 14, 2023) 

Royal Alexander is a Shreveport attorney

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