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New Dawn Energy makes donations in Benton

by BIZ Magazine

A Houston based company, New Dawn Energy, L.L.C. (“NDE”), recently had the opportunity to visit the town of Benton, Louisiana on December 15, 2022.. As a community partner and neighbor, NDE proudly made monetary donations to Benton Elementary School, the Benton Police Department and the Benton Fire Department.

NDE currently owns approximately 23,000 mineral acres in and around the town of Benton. And, the company has plans to help develop the area.

During the visit, New Dawn Energy met with Benton Elementary School teachers and students.

Kim Hawkins, Principal of Benton Elementary School, provided a tour of the school and communicated the school’s curriculum and needs to NDE company officials.

“We are beyond excited and grateful for the generous donation from New Dawn Energy. Their donation is going to allow Benton Elementary to provide the staff and students some very special materials and experiences. Even though New Dawn Energy is new to Benton, they have already captured the spirit of community that makes this town so special and unique. We look forward to working closely with our new neighbors in the future,” Hawkins said.

Additionally, NDE officials spent quality time with the Benton Fire Chief and the firemen from Station Number 4. Lunch was served from Uncle Henry’s Smokehouse BBQ and the most recent health concerns in Benton along with the needs of the fire department were discussed.

New Dawns Energy Executive Vice President for Business Development, Ehsan Bayat, stated “We had a wonderful trip to the town of Benton, we met so many wonderful, warm-hearted individuals and we had the great pleasure of donating funds. I believe every company, and I mean every company, should first work hard to achieve sustainable profitability and annually allocate a portion of those profits to enrich their community. Every company should also have community service as a central pillar of their company. Our NDE staff is warmly encouraged to render service, but our staff is not forced or penalized if they cannot commit. Our goal at New Dawn Energy is to foster a culture of service. Wherever we operate, we will strive to make our mark as a company that genuinely cares. The Oracle of Omaha, Warren Buffett, said it best “If you’re in the luckiest 1% of humanity, you owe it to the rest of humanity to think about the other 99%.”

New Dawn Energy is looking forward to the future development of Benton and surrounding areas.

Representatives of NDE who traveled to the town of Benton included: Melinda Roe, Land Administration, Eric Urban, Vice President of Land and Ehsan Bayat, Executive Vice President.

As an energy company, NDE is committed to assisting the community in future progressions as they pursue more development.

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