Thursday, May 30, 2024

LSUS’s Esports Club to compete in Valorant Grand Championship 

by BIZ Magazine

The LSU Shreveport Esports Club will be competing in the Valorant Grand Championship against Ozark Tech Community College Wednesday, November 30 at 5pm. 

The five-member LSUS team will face the undefeated Ozark Tech Community College (OTC) team in Valorant, a first-person tactical shooter game set in a futuristic dystopian landscape. LSUS Esports Coordinator Matthew Parks described Valorant as a “fast-paced” game where one team on the offense (the “Attackers”) must capture the objective or eliminate all members of the defending team (the “Defenders”). The Defenders win by eliminating all Attackers or successfully defending the objective. Valorant is played in five sets, so the first team to win three sets will win the championship.  

Parks, who is also the Assistant Director of Project Management in IT Services, remarked on the team’s successful year so far. “LSUS Esports hit the ground running this year with five teams across five games participating. This year was the first year we got to the playoffs, and not with one team but three teams. [The Valorant team] has managed to fight all the way to the top and are on the eve of our first championship match.”  

The following LSUS students will compete in the championship:  

  • Haley Beard 
  • Ellie Gafford 
  • Sarah Johnson 
  • Kenyatrick McClain 
  • Zach Posey  

The championship match will begin at 5:00pm CST and will be streamed on Twitch. Viewers can watch the live stream at  

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