Friday, May 24, 2024

Bossier Schools transportation department awarded for reduction of fuel, emissions

by BIZ Magazine

On the heels of being named among the Top 25 bus fleets in America, Bossier Schools’ Transportation Department is racking up
another win, this time from the U.S. Department of Energy’s Louisiana Clean Fuels Coalition.

As industries across Louisiana strive to improve the air quality and health of citizens by reducing environmental pollution, Bossier
Schools is on the receiving end of the Rising Star Award by Louisiana Clean Fuels (LCF) for the district’s tireless efforts to reduce
petroleum consumption and emissions. Bossier Schools operates 25 propane buses.

“These buses offer many of the same environmental benefits of electric buses, but at a fraction of the cost,” explained Dave Hadden,
Director of Bossier Schools’ Transportation Department. “Propane buses are able to travel farther, refuel more quickly and even have
a smaller carbon footprint. So, what does this mean? A clean, quiet ride for students and a significant cost savings for our school

Ann Vail, Executive Director of LCF said, “We enjoyed showcasing the successes of our stakeholders who work hard to reduce their transportation emissions. It would be impossible to make this large of an impact individually, but together, as a coalition, we are able
to strengthen our resolve and have a noteworthy influence on Louisiana’s industries. We hope to continue to grow and develop strong
relationships across our region.”

Each year, LCF recognizes the achievements of clean fuel stakeholders that have gone above and beyond in reaching their environmental and transportation goals and commends Bossier Schools for demonstrating its commitment to improve the air quality in
our region.

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