Thursday, May 30, 2024

Royal Alexander speaks to Republican Women of Bossier

by BIZ Magazine

By Stacey Tinsley, Bossier Press-Tribune

On Tuesday, October 25, the The Republican Women of Bossier hosted constitutional attorney, Royal Alexander, as the guest speaker for their monthly meeting.

The club asked Alexander to discuss our United States Constitution, the Supreme Court’s Recent Rulings and his views on the midterm elections that will take place on November 8th.

In his opening remarks, Alexander presented his voting recommendations and discussed the eight constitutional amendments that will be on the ballot on November 8.

Alexander’s recommendations for the November 8th Constitutional Amendments.

  1. Larger Stock Investments for Trust Funds: Lean Yes but keep in mind that the stock market is often volatile and there are safer financial investment vehicles like CDs and government bonds.
  2. Property Tax Exemptions for Veterans with Disabilities: Yes.
  3. Political Activity for Civil Service Workers When Immediate Family members Run for Office: Yes.
  4. Waving Charges for Water Use if Infrastructure Damaged: Yes. (My PSC work-regulating private water companies-thought already done)
  5. Local Authority over Property Tax Rates: Lean No. Giving local taxing bodies until the next property reappraisals (4 years) is enough time. (The problem with our high property taxes is that millages are never allowed to die).
  6. Property Tax Assessment Increases in Orleans Parish: Yes. Cap it at 10%.
  7. Limits on Involuntary Servitude: No.

8. Property Tax Assessments for Certain People with Disabilities: Yes.

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