Community Renewal a global finalist for esteemed Opus Prize in honor of Founder Mack McCarter

Community Renewal International, in honor of founder Mack McCarter, has been named as one of three global finalists for the esteemed Opus Prize.

Each year a Laureate is announced from the three finalists. The 2022 Laureate will be announced at the convocation on Nov. 3 at Catholic University in Washington DC.

The Opus Prize is given not only to expand the humanitarian efforts of the recipient, but to inspire others to pursue lives of service. The $1 million award and two $100,000 prizes make up one of the world’s largest faith-based awards for social entrepreneurship.

Dr. Mack McCarter is the founder and coordinator of Community Renewal International.

“The honor of representing Shreveport and Bossier City, as well as all of our truly wonderful family of supporters, volunteers, and full-time team members of Community Renewal International, as a Finalist in the Global Opus Prize is simply beyond words,” he said. “I join with you all in heartfelt gratitude to the Opus Prize Foundation for shining a hope-filled spotlight on the quietly committed souls who are bringing about the victory of Love in our world.”

Kerry Alys Robinson is the executive partner for global and national initiatives at Leadership Roundtable and the Executive Director of the Opus Prize Foundation.

 “The 2022 Opus Prize finalists exemplify faith-filled leadership through service and indefatigable dedication to alleviating human suffering. We are edified, ennobled and inspired by their example, and the world is more loving, healthier, and peaceful as a consequence of their work.”

Opus Prize laureates combine the spirit of innovation with amazing faith to inspire long-term, local solutions to address poverty and injustice. Opus Prize laureates prove change is possible, empowering and inspiring everyone. More information at

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