Saturday, July 20, 2024

Alexander: Biden Vilifies Millions of Americans in Call for ‘Unity’

by BIZ Magazine

In a dark and sinister speech last Thursday night President Biden misused a primetime presidential address to attack, not an evil foreign government that has threatened our Nation with economic or military destruction, but rather, tens of millions of his fellow Americans.

I was stunned as I watched and couldn’t believe what I was seeing and hearing.  Traditionally, a primetime presidential address is used to speak swiftly and directly to the country about a pressing national issue in order to provide leadership toward a unified national solution.

Not Biden.  This can’t be chalked up to just another of the President’s addled, incoherent remarks.   This attack on millions of Americans was fully premeditated, employing an unnerving red and black backdrop eerily reminiscent of footage of past dictators exhorting a nation to initiate an unjust war of conquest.

Speaking in front of Philadelphia’s Independence Hall—where the U.S. Constitution was painfully forged and courageously signed—he labeled a large swath of American society an “existential threat to the nation.” 

He specifically targeted President Trump and his 74 million supporters stating, “Trump and the “Maga (Make America Great Again)” Republicans “represent an extremism that threatens the very foundation of our republic.”  As such, he characterized the midterm elections as “a battle for the nation’s soul.”

Why would President Biden deliver such a harmful and dishonest speech? 

Because his party is in poor shape heading into the midterm elections and he desperately needs to distract the country from his 40-year high inflation, exorbitant gas and food prices, mountainous new debt, foreign policy debacles, Wokeness Insanity, rising crime, the immigration invasion on the southern border, and his own administration’s discernable drift toward socialism.    

He hopes that if he attacks President Trump and his “fascist” supporters—coupled with things like the Mar-A-Lago raid for which there is still no credible legal justification—maybe his party won’t be so blown out in November.

Let’s look at who these “MAGA fascists” really are.

They include 75-80 million Trump voters. 

We are basic Americans who believe in a traditional, constitutional form of government; Who embrace and cling to the American ideal that government is not God and that our fundamental rights are from God and thus are ‘inalienable’ and can’t be taken away, and that we fully reserve the right to live as we choose, to work, pay our bills, educate our children, raise our families and worship as we see fit; That we—not government—know best how to live our lives and nurture and protect our families.

MAGA people are never going to live as science deniers, believing a boy becomes a girl simply because he wakes up one morning and thinks he is; or that transgenderism and sexual grooming perversions—in the classroom!—are appropriate for vulnerable, trapped children; or that the cruel and violent hate crime of aborting babies without anesthesia up until the moment of birth is moral or tolerable in a civilized society.

We’re never going to care about Jan. 6th until the criminals responsible for the orgy of violence, looting and murder in the Summer of Riots 2020 are arrested and prosecuted.  We’re never going to view the heating and cooling of the planet as the doomsday scenario the Climate Change Religionists demand in light of the fact that the contribution of humanity to climate change is in fact “unsettled” and that there are credible opposing viewpoints—and because the real inconvenient truth is that the worst environment by far is to be cold, hungry, and unemployed.

We cherish our freedom of speech—and refuse to be silenced or cancelled—and our religion, prize our 2nd Amendment right of self-defense at a time of surging crime and defunded police; respect our police and military.

We reasonably fear that 87,000 new, armed IRS agents are going to be auditing our struggling middle-class economic existence, now rife with the punitive tax of inflation.  We’re not “globalists” but, on the contrary, embrace the historically rare social and political values of the America we grew up in—this ‘last best hope of earth’ as President Lincoln stated it.

Those are the people Biden has labeled “fascists.”

Can you imagine the outcry if President Trump, or any Republican, had made comments like these?

President Biden is correct about one thing; we are in a fight “for the soul of America.”  However, what millions of us mean by that and what he means by that are drastically different.

Royal Alexander is a Shreveport attorney

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