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Ochsner LSU Health Shreveport pens letter regarding the City of Shreveport Health Plan

by BIZ Magazine

To the City of Shreveport employees, retirees, and constituents: 

Ochsner LSU Health Shreveport is comprised of two partners with a deep and rich history of serving Shreveport and our state. Our Shreveport roots date back to 1876 when the hospital was first established to provide care to anyone in need. Through the decades, the hospital evolved into an academic medical center that trains the majority of physicians providing care in our community. 

In 2018 when this partnership was formed, we made a commitment to increase access to high-quality healthcare for the people in North Louisiana. We know healthcare availability is vital to you as an individual and to the quality of life for our community. We also know that your ability to choose your healthcare provider is extremely important and personal, and we highly respect the importance of established relationships with your physicians and care teams. 

Offering greater choice and flexibility is one of the reasons we are proud to participate in the new insurance plan made available to the City of Shreveport employees and retirees. Through this plan, employees and retirees may choose care at Ochsner LSU Health Shreveport, the other major health systems in the Shreveport area, and participating independent providers. Additionally, for those who live outside of Shreveport, are traveling, or need more specialized services, we have Ochsner care locations available across the region. 

We understand the cost of healthcare is a concern for patients and employers, and we are proud to participate in the plan to offer more options. Likewise, we support patients existing healthcare relationships and their choice in providers. 

By providing more options, we are proud to be part of the solution for our City’s budget challenges. As an employer of more than 4,800 people and a major economic engine for the area, we care how our taxpayer dollars are used and take our responsibility as an anchor institution for the region seriously, providing high-quality healthcare to all. 


Leonardo Seoane, MD, Senior Vice President and Chief Academic Officer, Ochsner Health  Interim Chief Executive Officer, Ochsner LSU Health System – North La. 

Charles Fox, MD, Vice Chancellor for Shreveport Clinical Affairs, LSU Health Shreveport Chief Medical Officer, Ochsner LSU Health System – North La. 

Steve Randall, Chief Operating Officer, Ochsner LSU Health System – North La. 

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