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Bossier City Council casts final vote on redistricting map

by BIZ Magazine

At its Tuesday July 19 regular session meeting, the Bossier City Council voted to approve the final reading of an ordinance regarding the reapportionment of council districts for the City of Bossier City according to Redistricting Map 2 of 2022.

No further comments were made by the public or city council members regarding this issue.

As previously reported by the Press-Tribune: On Wednesday, June 15, the Bossier City Council held the last of two public hearings regarding redistricting in Bossier City.

The council voted and passed a resolution for the five-district map with two at-large seats, instead of the seven-district map with no at-large seats.

The Bossier City Council held the first public hearing on Monday, June 13 for the purpose of presenting their plans and hearing input from Bossier City residents about the future of Bossier City’s city council districts. Redistricting discussions are required to be held every 10 years as a result of the data revealed by the most recent United States Census.

The two proposed plans for new district maps are as follows:

*A five district map with two at-large seats, which aligns with the current district/council makeup.

*A seven district map with no at-large seats, which differs from the current council makeup.

At the Tuesday July 19 Bossier City Council meeting, the city council also approved:

Adoption of an ordinance to enlarge the limits and boundaries of the City of Bossier City by annexing approximately 9.122 acres adjacent to the current City Limits via the South (I-220), and the West (Innovation Drive) Boundaries.

Adoption of an ordinance authorizing the City of Bossier City to settle pending lawsuit; City of Bossier City Vs. Nichols Lube Center, Et Al.

Adoption of a resolution authorizing the hiring of a Utility Worker for the Water Treatment Plant in the Public Utilities Department.

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