Home News AG Landry calls for domestic energy to increase with Russian oil banned

AG Landry calls for domestic energy to increase with Russian oil banned


BATON ROUGE – Louisiana Attorney General Jeff Landry, the Nation’s chief legal challenger to President Joe Biden’s domestic energy policy, issued the following statement after Biden announced an American ban on Russian oil and gas imports:

“While Vladimir Putin’s war in Ukraine presses on, so does Joe Biden’s war on American energy; and the American people are footing the bill with a crippled economy, destroyed livelihoods, and threatened national security.

Now more than ever before, must we fully open up domestic energy production – especially in the Gulf of Mexico.


For too long, Joe Biden has recklessly abused his power to sabotage American energy independence – increasing the cost of living and making it harder for Americans to support their families. The pain at the pump has now reached all-time record highs, and cutting off Russian oil without increasing American energy will not reduce gas prices.

Within days of taking office, Joe Biden used his pen to halt federal lease-sales and obstruct permitting authority; illegally cancel the Keystone XL pipeline, a crucial piece to breaking our dependence on overseas oil, over the express direction of Congress; and revive the job-killing social cost of carbon scheme.

I have matched Joe Biden’s egregious violations of the rule of law with an even greater force in support of the Constitution. I have led successful multi-state lawsuits against Biden and will continue to vigorously defend American families and businesses from further unconstitutional overreach.

I call on the President to immediately choose reliable, affordable, and secure American fossil fuels.”

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