Bossier City Council holds public discussions on proposed SporTran routes

By Stacey Tinsley, BIZ. Magazine

The Bossier City Council held a public workshop with Sportran officials on Tuesday, January 11 for the purpose of discussing bus service in South Bossier City.

During Tuesday’s workshop, Bossier City Council members asked several questions of Sportran officials regarding the cost, ridership and safety related to the proposed South Bossier bus route.

Bossier City Council District 1 representative, Brian Hammons, mentioned multiple concerns to Sportran officials. One of Hammons’ concerns is the amount of stops the proposed route would have.

“This does affect my district more than I think it affects anybody else’s. One, I am not against you, don’t take it that way. I’ve been fielding phone calls on this since I was sworn in. Tons of phone calls for it, tons of phone calls against it. 20 stops in my eyes, that’s excessive. I don’t think we need 20 stops. I think we do need a few stops in South Bossier. From talking to and going out meeting with the people for it, they explained to me their reasoning as to why we need the route. They are good reasons. Everybody can’t use Uber, everybody can’t use Lyft, everybody doesn’t have a credit card to do that. Around the Brookshire’s Arena, I don’t think we need a stop. I think that we could sit down and come up with a reasonable route down there,” said Hammons.

Another specific concern Hammons mentioned to Sportran officials during the workshop was funding.

“My main concern is money. I think it was kind of eye opening to the citizens of Bossier because I think a lot of people had no idea that we pay for this service,” said Hammons.

Following questions and remarks made to Sportran officials from the city council, citizens who attended the workshop were then allowed to make public comments.

One citizen remarked that the city should host a town hall meeting in order to further discuss this issue. Another citizen expressed the reasons why this proposed route would be important for her in terms of having access to area locations that she would like to visit.

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