Louisiana Craft Brewers: Voice your support to state legislators

Louisiana is built with such a rich history of local music, food, festivals, culture, traditions, and tourism attractions covering every square inch of our beautiful state. Louisiana is home to some of the world’s finest hard-working people and look no further than the craft beer industry. This burgeoning industry across the state is stuck in a similar political rut that Louisiana business finds themselves in catching up to the rest of the nation. Louisiana is once again in a “Last Mover” position even when it comes to locally produced beer. The lobbying efforts for the status quo in the alcohol industry runs long and deep and have been able to stifle the small entrepreneurial business brewer from advancing in their craft.

The 21st century craft beer is growing leaps and bounds with other 9,000 craft breweries in the US. Every state is catching on by actions – when a pro-craft beer law is enacted, the result is growth in jobs, economic development, tourism, taxes and more family and community-based businesses. It’s time for Louisiana to get on track before we sit and watch this industry that is here today and gone tomorrow. It’s time to dust off the “Open for Business” sign that has been lost for years and we look forward to 2022 being a year of Louisiana Craft Beer Reform.

Unfortunately, our Louisiana Brewers Guild simply can’t compete with the lobbying efforts of those looking to keep the status quo.  What we DO have and how we CAN compete is tackling our issues grassroots style….hence the billboards put up all over the City of Lake Charles.  Starting today and tomorrow, most of Louisiana’s political delegation will be in Lake Charles for the annual Legisgator luncheon.  These boards are there to catch their attention to help bring to light how desperately we need Craft Beer Reform in this state! 

If you love craft beer, if you love your local brewery, if you find value in what they bring to your community then act NOW and connect with your local legislators to let them hear your voice.

Cary Koch, Executive Director for Louisiana Craft Brewers Guild

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