Arganum Transplant Solutions wins Louisiana Startup Prize 2021


Arganum Transplant Solutions was named the grand prize winner of this year’s Louisiana Startup Prize. This year, the award-winning startup competition, hosted by the Prize Foundation along with presenting partners Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Louisiana, the Entrepreneurial Accelerator Program, and LSU Health Shreveport, turned its focus on health and health innovation startups.

The finals consisted of four health-focused startups from around the country, but Arganum Transplant Solutions rose above the rest and won Startup Prize 2021. The Shreveport-based company presented its concept this past weekend to the national group of Investor Judges.  Founders CEO Dr. Ricardo Costa, founder and President Dr. J. Steven Alexander presented at the Startup Prize Finals. Arganum Solutions aims to transform the organ preservation market by providing a solution that will revolutionize organ transplantation.

“We couldn’t be more excited to win the 2021 LA Startup Prize! This victory is already increasing the visibility of our company. We plan to use the prize money to build many essential outreach, web and professional platforms for our startup,” says CEO Ricardo Costa. “We could not have anticipated how much the Startup Prize events would challenge us to learn about innovation and business creation. It has already exploded our networking outreach with contacts from relevant and premier business professionals. Meeting and hearing the success stories of past years Prize winners’ whose startups have now taken off has been both inspiring and a valuable educational experience.” 

To qualify for the prestigious Startup Prize finals, entrepreneurs needed to have a health-focused business, such as a medical or surgical device, therapeutic, health-based technology or app, health service, or drug research. They were also required to attend at least one online qualifying event this summer which included roundtables, panels and keynotes from Startup Prize mentors around the country in which competitors gained valuable tools and insights as well as mentorship to take their concepts to the next level. Entrepreneurs were also required to submit a detailed survey and business plan which a panel of judges used to determine which startups would move forward to present their businesses to a panel of investor-judges.

“The Startup Prize saw an opportunity and a need to focus on health and health innovation this year, and we felt we were incredibly successful,” said Gregory Kallenberg, Executive Director of the Prize Foundation and creator of the Startup Prize. “Congrats to Arganum Transplant Solutions, but also a huge congratulations to all the entrepreneurs and startups who participated this year. We can’t wait to see what Startup Prize 2022: Focus on Health brings to the world.”

In addition to Arganum Transplant Solutions, three other finalists showcased their concepts to the panel this weekend. They were selected from entrepreneurs across the country who participated in this year’s competition:

Cedars Health | St. Louis, MO

Cedars Health is developing a minimally invasive surgical device to provide immediate and permanent for patients with benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH) symptoms. BPH is prostate enlargement that causes urinary problems and reduced quality of life for more than half of men over 50. 

Fluffy Friends for Children with Chronic Conditions | Knoxville, TN

Fluffy Friends for Children with Chronic Conditions develops methods to improve patient experiences and outcomes. Its first product is a personalized comfort item intended to prevent and treat the adverse psychosocial effects of chronic illness and to enhance physician-patient trust.

Scan2Touch | Houston, TX

Scan2Touch aims to create personalized, physical representations of patients’ anatomy, producing 3D printed versions of medical scans to help bridge the communication gap between medical professionals and patients. Scan2Touch will initially target this solution to serve the unique pain points of the blind and visually impaired population.

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