Online webinar to help businesses take advantage of retargeting advertising

Local marketing and advertising professional, Paul Savage, Jr., is hosting an online webinar on Saturday, December 11 at noon. The Understanding Retargeting for Businesses webinar will teach local business owners, entrepreneurs, and others who manage social media ads how to implement retargeting ads. 

If you’ve ever visited a product page and then been shown an ad for that exact product, then you’ve experience a retargeting ad. It’s a very powerful tool for businesses and organizations alike.

The hour-long webinar will cover: 

  • How to setup a Facebook Pixel on your website
  • What retargeting is and how it works
  • Setup your first retargeting campaign on Facebook
  • Setup custom audiences to use for future campaigns, including lookalike audiences
  • What lookalike audiences are and how to use them
  • Strategies and tactics for implementing retargeting with your current marketing strategy

About 97% of visitors that leave a website never return. This powerful tool will allow business owners to setup an automatic, follow-up salesperson that can help grow their revenue in 2022 and beyond. The live webinar event will also allow live Q&A throughout the process as well as after the event. The webinar will be available for replay as well.

“Statistics show that ads are 3x more likely to be clicked by retargeted customers than new ones,” Savage stated. “Yet, I see many businesses missing out on the opportunity or don’t fully understand them. My hope is that this webinar will change that and help small businesses in Shreveport-Bossier meet their full potential.”

You can register for the webinar now by visiting After registering attendees will receive additional information on how to join on the day of the event and access the replay.

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