Special Series Part 1 of 3: The top 7 reasons to move to Shreveport

Editor’s Note: Over the next 3 days, we are publishing the top 7 reasons to move to communities in our region. The information was compiled and provided by A-1 Transport. We appreciate their efforts in the series.

Explore The Top 7 Reasons To Move To Shreveport, Louisiana

Shreveport is one of the best places to live in Louisiana, particularly if you’d like to avoid larger, more expensive cities like New Orleans and Baton Rouge. We’ve got a lot to offer new residents, and Shreveport is very friendly toward newly-arrived citizens!

But why should you move here? That’s a great question! We’ll answer by explaining the top 7 reasons that people throughout Louisiana – and throughout the United States – have chosen to move to Shreveport. 

1. Bustling Downtown Meets Unique, Historic, And Peaceful Neighborhoods

The urban center of Shreveport is located next to the Red River, just across from nearby Bossier City. Nearby, you’ll find delicious, highly-rated restaurants, clubs and bars, breweries, and riverboat casinos – the nightlife in Shreveport is excellent for young professionals.

But when you move outside of the downtown districts of Shreveport, you’ll enjoy a more laid-back and relaxed lifestyle. Top neighborhoods in the area include Springlake-University, Caddo Heights, and Jenkins-Pinecroft.

Each neighborhood is different, too – so if you’re ever looking for a change in your lifestyle, you can just hire 1-hour movers and move to a new local neighborhood to shake things up a bit!

2. Plenty Of Sporting Events, Festivals, And Other Attractions

Shreveport is home to a few amateur sports clubs, and college sports are also big in the town. If that’s not your thing, it’s also home to a lot of theatres and performing arts groups, including the Academy of Children’s Theatre, Marjorie Lyons Playhouse on the Centenary College Campus,  and the Shreveport Metropolitan Ballet to name just a few.

Yearly festivals and events are also very popular in Shreveport. Mardi Gras is always a big attraction, as is the Barksdale Air Force Base Air Show, Highland Jazz & Blues Festival, Red River Revel arts festival, and ArtBreak Festival. You’ll never run out of weekend activities in Shreveport.

3. Family-Friendly Parks, Museums, And Recreation Destinations

Shreveport is also home to lots of family-friendly parks, museums, and other recreation destinations. 

Museums and recreation destinations include the Shreveport Aquarium, Sci-Port Discovery Center, Shreveport Water Works Museum, and the Louisiana State Exhibit Museum.

Shreveport Riverview Park, Forest Park Cemetery, and Preston Avenue Park are just a few of the parks available to Shreveport residents.

4. Easy Access To State Parks & Outdoor Recreation Areas

Shreveport is nestled next to Cross Lake and a variety of other smaller lakes like Flag Lake to the east. It’s also near Loggy Bayou Wildlife Management Area and Bodcau State Wildlife Management Area. Whether you love fishing, hunting, boating, kayaking, hiking, or camping, you’ll find plenty to do.

5. Reasonable Cost Of Living And Affordable Housing

Shreveport, LA has a cost of living index of just 77.5, compared to the national average of 100. Housing is particularly affordable for new residents, with the median home value coming in at just $102,600, and 2-bedroom units renting for an average of about $826/month. 

If you’re looking for an affordable place to buy your first home, Shreveport is an excellent choice, particularly for new and growing families.

6. Great Public And Private Schools With Higher Education Opportunities

For public schooling, Shreveport is primarily served by Caddo Parish Public Schools, which operates a total of 72 elementary, middle, K-8, and high schools in the region, serving nearly 40,000 students. This school district has been recognized for its academics, skilled teachers, and diversity. It’s also home to a variety of private schools like St. John’s High School and Loyola College Prep. 

There are higher education opportunities in Shreveport, too. It’s home to Centenary College, Louisiana State University in Shreveport, Louisiana State University Health Sciences Center Shreveport, Louisiana Baptist University and Theological Seminary, and a few other colleges, trade schools, and universities. 

7. Strong Economy With Lots Of Job Opportunities 

Shreveport has headquarters and major operations involving many highly-regarded national companies including Walmart, AT&T, Verizon Communications, Target, Capital One, and more – Amazon is building a major fulfillment center in the area in 2021. 

With its strong economy and business-friendly tax policies, Fortune Magazine ranked it as “The Best City To Start A Business.” The state of Louisiana, in general, has also been recognized by Area Development Magazine for its excellent economic performance in 2020. 

Join Us In Shreveport – It’s A Wonderful Place To Live & Work 

We hope this article has helped you decide if Shreveport is right for you. Whether you’re moving to start your own business, need a safe place for your family to grow, or are interested in the unique culture and lifestyle offered by Shreveport, it’s a great place to live. 

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