Bossier Parish discusses redistricting plans

Bossier Parish continues to grow, with 2020 census figures showing a population of 128,746. With that growth comes change and nowhere is the change more evident than in seven of the 12 Police Jury districts.

Jury members met Monday in a workshop session to discuss redistricting to learn just how their individual districts will be impacted. Chief Demographer Mike Hefner of Geographic Planning and Demographic Services, explained the requirements to remain in compliance following the 10-year census period.

Hefner said the parish’s population figure is divided by the 12 election districts to calculate an ideal population per district. That ideal number, he said, is 10,729.

“If any district is outside a plus or minus five percent deviation from the ideal population, then redistricting is necessary to rebalance the election districts among each other,” he said. “Since the determination has shown that seven districts are outside the allowable deviation range, then redistricting must take place.”

Police Jury districts showing population deviation exceeding the five percent limit include Districts 3, 5, 7, 8, 9, 10 and 12.

Hefner said the initial workshop session was intended to show jurors maps of their current district along with others showing prospective changes. After study and discussion, more workshops could be set as needed until a plan is developed, he said.

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