LABI publishes Judicial System Modernization series

The Louisiana Association of Business and Industry (LABI) today published its four-part series on Judicial System Modernization to increase public understanding of Louisiana’s judicial branch in the hopes of implementing best practices that will promote trust in Louisiana’s vast court system.  

Spearheaded by LABI’s Judicial Program Director Lauren Chauvin, the Judicial System Modernization series is steered by three major guideposts: greater access, transparency and efficiency. The four installments in this series are aimed at modernization opportunities as a means of improving transparency and accessibility. Part I addresses improving access to our courts through better, more coordinated technology. Part II details the need for more robust ethics rules and enforcement and Part III examines how to achieve greater transparency in judicial funding and expenditures. Finally, Part IV discusses the potential realignment of judgeships, a topic of particular importance as our Legislature embarks upon its decennial duty to evaluate many district boundaries.  

The challenges explored in the series were expanded upon by experts, legislators and legal leaders during LABI’s IMPACT Seminar last week, with participants and panelists receiving advanced copies of the four-part series to help them delve into “Modernizing Louisiana’s Judicial System: Improving Access, Fairness, and Transparency.”  

Click here to read the entire series. 

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