Thursday, July 18, 2024

McCormick: Force-Vaxxers are anti-American

by BIZ Magazine

When did anti-American become accepted, endorsed, and peddled openly by our own government and neighbors?

If you’re like me, that’s a rhetorical question. It was apparent long before COVID; however, the idea that it is acceptable to force vaccinations on others in our communities have brought things to a whole new level. 

Before anyone starts assuming I’m opposed to vaccines, I want to clear that up. I do not have an opinion one way or the other; it’s none of my business. I fully support whatever decision you make, and that support for our freedom to choose should go both ways. 

Unfortunately, I know many good people in our communities who have become so consumed by fear that our freedom of choice, HIPPA, and religious beliefs no longer matter. These Force-Vaxxers are a tremendous threat to our Liberty and the future of America. They’ve closed their minds to data, rationale, and the ability to think for themselves. As if governments have never lied before, they openly trust everything being peddled by almost every level of government and the institutions reliant upon government’s cash. 

I’ve found that Force-Vaxxers fit in three groups (if not all of them):

The most obvious to us all are the Force-Vaxxers who have used this for their own power and control. These are the people at the top that truly despise our freedom and our ability to make our own decisions. They consider themselves superior in every way and publicly mask their actions behind the best of intentions. And with the willing mainstream media there to carry their water, they work together to “make the decisions” for us simple-minded people. But, really they are just narcissistic control freaks that despise our liberty, rationale, and backbone to stand against them.

It’s the love of power and control that leaves many elected officials refusing to stand by our side. Make no mistake, those who “can’t” stand for our freedoms are only making that decision because they’re scared to lose THEIR power. That is why we must look past campaign rhetoric and feel-good campaign ads, asking the hard questions and supporting candidates who demonstrate an understanding and passion for smaller government. The smaller the government, the less power that government has over our lives.

The second group of Force-Vaxxers are those in it for one reason: money! Greed has corrupted our entire government as they’ve found out how to use OUR tax dollars to expand their influence into multiple industries. These are the Judas’ in our community who have sold their souls for 30 pieces of silver.

The love of money is the root of their evil, and this is what makes them pursue forced vaccinations. They will do anything to you, their employees, and their clients for the money being handed out by Big Government. There is no other way to explain how, over the course of 6 months, an entire industry went from praising their employees as “heroes” to threatening them with poverty through job loss.

The narcissistic politicians in Washington are printing trillions of dollars that they have stolen from our children and grandchildren. These people want themselves and their families to be the beneficiaries of the greatest theft in human history. They do not care if they turn America into Venezuela, because they think they have enough money and power to ensure their families won’t notice the change. Their focus on the short-term gain is like a drug addict that doesn’t care about the long-term consequences. 

This cabal of politicians, bureaucrats, hospitals, Big Pharma, media, and large corporations know exactly what they’re doing. They’re conspiring against us for their own benefit. That is why we should support small businesses in every way. Our local small businesses are owned by the principled working class who know that their ability to provide for their families depends on their relationship with the community. Their loyalty is to the people, not the government.

The third Force-Vaxxer group is those who have chosen to live in fear. They have been manipulated and intimidated so much by the first two groups that they can no longer see everyone as a person, as an American, or even as their friend. Their entire worldview has been so warped that they literally view the unvaccinated as people who want them and others dead. Nothing else matters to these people, and no amount of data or rationale can break through their fear.

This is the group that saddens me the most. I believe it is one of the long-term consequences of removing God from our culture. Anyone remotely familiar with the Bible knows that fear only comes from one place. We who trust in God have nothing to fear for He is with us! I believe that the only way to reach this last group is through spreading the Good News of Jesus. We need to explain to them that Christ is love and order. They need to understand that chaos and fear come from Satan. 

If we can impact this third group, we will diminish the money and power of the first two groups. I would encourage you to seek Christ in these times of turmoil and share his message with those gripped by fear. He has set us free. We must make sure that we stay that way.

Thank you, I love you, and may God bless you and this great state of Louisiana.

Danny McCormick is Representative for Louisiana House District 1

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