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LOGA releases statement on White House-OPEC talks

via LOGA website

Wednesday, the White House issued a statement urging OPEC+ to increase oil production in order to satisfy the current demand for energy in the United States.

Louisiana Oil & Gas Association President Mike Moncla responded publicly to the White House this afternoon:

“Since President Biden took office last January, his administration has made it a top priority to decimate the American oil and gas industry to meet his unrealistic climate goals.


Pushing for an increase in foreign oil consumption hurts states like Louisiana who rely on energy production for job creation and tax revenue.

If the White House truly wants to expedite the post-COVID economic recovery, they should rely on energy companies here in the United States, not foreign entities that seek to exploit other nations to fill their pockets.

We encourage President Biden to work with our domestic industry partners to meet the energy needs of Americans.”

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