Passenger boarding bridge installed at Shreveport Regional Airport

Special to BIZ. Magazine

In efforts to improve the customer experience at the airport, the passenger boarding  bridges at the American Airlines, Delta Air Lines, and Allegiant gates are being replaced. Over the weekend, crews from AERO Bridgeworks, Shaw Equipment Service  and Barnhart Crane Company removed the existing passenger boarding bridge from the American Airlines gate at Shreveport Regional Airport. A newer passenger boarding  bridge with the latest technology was then installed and work will begin now to bring the  bridge into service over the next few weeks. 

“Making sure that passengers have a great experience while at Shreveport Regional  Airport is important to us and the replacement of these passenger boarding bridges is  just one of the many ways we are working to improve things for Ark-La-Tex residents as  they travel through the airport,” said Stephanie Tucker, interim director of airports for the  Shreveport Airport Authority. 

At the rate of one boarding bridge every month and a half through the end of the year,  existing boarding bridges at the Delta and Allegiant gates will be replaced with newer  boarding bridges. A fourth bridge is being installed on Gate 3, which will be used as a common-use gate, allowing any airline, including charter flights, to use the gate as needed.

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