Thursday, April 18, 2024

McCormick: Knock, knock! Who’s there? The government

by BIZ Magazine

Our government has begun door-to-door visits in Louisiana and around the nation, singling out those who have not received the COVID-19 vaccine. Our tax dollars are being used to pressure people into taking a drug. We must ask ourselves why the government is resorting to such coercive measures…

This strategy is a tactic we have seen far too often lately – one of bullying and intimidation. A tactic the people of Louisiana are not falling for. The federal government wanted a 70% rate of inoculation rate by July 4th. Only 38% of Louisianians have received one dose and only 35% are fully vaccinated as of July 6th. They fell short of their target, and now they are targeting our front doors.

Those who wanted to receive the vaccine could visit one of various publicized locations in the
community. Recently, a $1 million+ lottery of taxpayer’s money was introduced to bribe those who were on the fence. Post-secondary schools are doing their best to illegally mandate these
medical treatments even though federal law specifically states individuals have a “right to refuse.” Uninformed students comply because they do not know they have a right to be fully informed and refuse treatment with a medical or religious exemption under LA RS 17:170 at E.

Did you know that the pharmaceutical companies producing the vaccine, and the medical personnel administering it, have no liability should your health be harmed?

Why has it become necessary for the government to send solicitors to our doors? Do we still have the right to make our own medical decisions, without coercion?

Will you open the door when they knock?

As far as I’m concerned, nobody’s home.

Representative Danny McCormick | Louisiana House District 1

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