Saturday, April 13, 2024

Greater Shreveport Chamber accepting nominations for Board of Directors

by BIZ Magazine

The Greater Shreveport Chamber is currently accepting nominations for its Board of Directors. The deadline to nominate someone is August 6th.

The Board of Directors is composed of twenty-six members. Six are elected annually to serve for three years. The governing and policy making responsibilities of the Chamber are vested in the Board of Directors.

​Nominees must be:

  • An active Shreveport Chamber member in good standing
  • Willing to accept the responsibility of a directorship

Duties and responsibilities:

  • Approve an annual budget to finance the organization
  • Approve all Chamber policy
  • Provide the personal leadership, enthusiasm and support necessary to help coordinate and build an effective organization
  • Attend meetings of the Board and functions of the Chamber
  • Help to broaden the financial resources of the organization
  • Project a professional and positive image when representing the Chamber
  • Ensure that Chamber programs, projects and activities are consistent with the mission statement and interests of our members

In October, the Senior Council will present a slate of six candidates to serve three-year terms to replace the directors whose regular terms are expiring. Members will be notified of the names of the persons nominated as candidates for director and the right to petition to add additional names to the list of candidates. After the election by our membership, all newly elected and appointed Board members will begin participating effective January 1, 2022.

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