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BRF recruits software developer Omicron Technology Solutions to Northwest Louisiana

by BIZ Magazine

BRF has announced the successful acquisition of Chicago-based  software developer Omicron Technology Solutions to Shreveport, Louisiana.  

Omicron is a software-as-a-service developer and provider serving three industries:  transit and rider management, identity and visitor management, and student information  software.  

Customers include municipalities, education systems and other service providers from  across the United States.  

An initial 15 to 20 jobs will be created in Shreveport with Omicron in software  development, customer relations and other service-related roles. Additional jobs are to be  created in sales, management and customer service with the expansion of the company’s  customer base.  

“Omicron is eager to join forces with BRF and locate in Shreveport. The business-friendly  environment, attractive labor costs and skilled employee base will make Northwest  Louisiana a good fit for the next phase of our business,” said Omicron CEO Lionel Rabb. 

Omicron’s recruitment to Shreveport is a result of BRF’s three-pronged approach to  economic development: starting new businesses, recruiting existing businesses and  retaining local businesses.  

“Our Shreveport Next and Entrepreneurial Accelerator Program (EAP) divisions helped  secure the successful recruitment and acquisition of Omicron, working with investment  banking firm The Chicago Corporation,” said John F. George Jr., M.D., BRF President and  CEO. “As we fulfill our commitment and vision to transform Shreveport-Bossier, we  welcome Omicron to our great cities and mark their arrival as another step in making our  community a sought-after location for not only tech and life science companies but also  aerospace, advanced manufacturing, and other emerging industries.” 

Since BRF launched its newest recruitment initiative, Shreveport Next, in September,  Director of Business Recruitment Ryan Culp has met with the leaders of more than 50  companies to discuss the area’s business advantages and companies’ needs.  

“Shreveport-Bossier is one of the most cost-competitive locations to do business  according to Forbes and KPMG. What makes BRF and this initiative unique to our  community is our targeting of high growth companies that create jobs with a high  

multiplier effect. What makes us unique to companies is our ability to directly participate in projects and a team that understands what makes companies successful outside of  traditional economic incentives,” said Culp. “Help from financial analysts under EAP and  the BRF team made this first win possible.”  

BRF will employ its Shreveport Next division’s comprehensive marketing and recruitment  plan to bring businesses from across the country to relocate or build new facilities in the  Shreveport-Bossier MSA, bringing new jobs and revenue to the region.  

EAP financial analyst Nick Oliver will join Omicron’s CEO in opening and operating the  company in Shreveport, serving as Vice President of Business Development.  

“BRF’s tactical tools for economic development cross disciplines to start, recruit and  retain businesses. We work together to grow opportunities, find ones that fit our region  and then support companies and initiatives to sustain and preserve their impact through  our organization’s expertise,” said Dave Smith, EAP Executive Director. “We evaluated  this opportunity for Northwest Louisiana and found that Omicron would be a good  addition to the growing tech sector here. Omicron joins a collection of other successful  technology and software companies finding a foothold or growing in our area.”  

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