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Red River Chevy celebrating 90 years of business

by BIZ Magazine

Red River Chevrolet, a multigenerational family-owned, full service  dealership headquartered at 221 Traffic Street is celebrating their 90th anniversary. The  dealership is operating in its original location at the intersection of I-20 and the Red  River in Bossier City, LA. 

Founded as a Ford dealership in 1922 named Bossier Motor Company, the dealership  later changed its product lineup to Chevrolet and its name to Red River Motor Company  in 1931. Today, the dealership offers new and used retail and commercial vehicles and Chevrolet continues to be the top selling brand of new vehicles in North Louisiana, as  recognized by automotive data company R.L. Polk.  

George Fritze, who began his career stocking parts at Red River Chevy, worked his way  up to management and later formed a partnership with his father, James, in 1986. He is  a fourth-generation dealer at the same location. His son, Patton Fritze and son-in-law,  Alvin Olsan, who serve as general managers of Fixed Operations and Variable  Operations, respectively, represent the fifth generation of the family business. The  family tradition will continue with the addition of a sixth generation family member — Olsan’s son, Stander Olsan — who will join the company this summer stocking parts, the  same way his grandfather got his start at Red River Chevy so many years ago. 

“As we move toward our 100th anniversary, this 90th year milestone is a special time to  pause and appreciate our values, the vision that has sustained our business through the  decades, and what we have built with the people in a place we care deeply about,” said  Fritze. “Our treasured family, employees, clients, industry colleagues and friends all  share a part of this special history, our success, and Red River Chevy’s lasting legacy.” 

According to Fritze, Red River Chevy’s key to success and longevity lies in the employees  – more –

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and the service they provide. Red River Chevy has a long tradition of  heralding its long-term employees, recognizing their work achievements, personal  milestones and service through service awards and celebratory events. The dealership’s showroom features Red River Chevy’s Hall of Fame, which showcases 81  photos of employees, all of whom have worked there 20 or more years. 

“Not only do we have generations of employees, we have generations of customers  they’ve served — it’s the people who make the difference,” said Fritze. “We have been  blessed with loyal, hardworking people who are well trained and genuinely like to help  our customers.”  

Their emphasis on employee recognition has paid off, as 17 of Red River Chevy’s employees have been with the company for 40 or more years. Neil Huckaby, the only  salesperson in the U.S. to be honored with Chevrolet’s Legion of Leaders Award for 50  consecutive years, had a 60-year career at Red River Chevy. 

Other milestones include the company’s former shop foreman, Charlie Stoddard,  becoming the first recipient of GM’s World Class Master Technician Award in the South  Central Region, then the dealership becoming the first dealer worldwide to have 10  certified GM World Class Master Technicians in the mid-1990’s. Red River Chevy  currently employs five of the twelve master technicians in Louisiana. 

Fritze has modeled the excellence engendered by his employees and next generation of  family leaders. Since 1993, when he was named Shreveport Chamber of Commerce’s  Rising Young Business Leader, he has consistently received countless top industry  awards and honors for his community leadership and philanthropy by organizations  including the Bossier and Shreveport chambers of commerce—as Top Business Leader  of the Year in back-to-back years (in 2018 and 2019, respectively)—and Junior  Achievement. Both Fritze and his father have been named Junior Achievement North  Louisiana Business Hall of Fame Laureates; another career highlight for Fritze was  receiving national recognition as Time Magazine’s NADA Dealer of the Year 2009.  

Today, his partners, Patton Fritze and Alvin Olsan, help continue the company’s legacy  of community leadership and giving. For more information, please visit

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