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Louisiana recognizes historical bowling in Bossier City


Two young couples went bowling one evening in 1959. One of them rolled the bowling ball toward the bowling pins and the pins fell. Excitedly, he turned around and announced, “This is fun! I am going to build one.” The only bowling center in Bossier City and the oldest operating bowling center in Louisiana was born in his idea on that one day of fun.

But the fun was only beginning. The building itself needed to be fun, too, because Don S. Coleman was a young, successful and innovative builder in Bossier City. The iconic building with a free-span wavy concrete roof was opened to the public in August 1960 with 32 bowling lanes and a full-service café. Well-known restauranteur (and later Bossier City mayor), George Dement, operated the restaurant through the 60’s.

Holiday Lanes is still owned and operated by the Coleman Family. Mr. Coleman advised his family to never sell it, but to keep it in the family as a place all ages to come together for fun.

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