LSU Shreveport 6th Annual Scholars Forum Top Awards Include Medical & Marine Research

LSU Shreveport recently hosted its 6th Annual Regional Student Scholars Forum, with six of its eight top awards going to research submissions in the fields of medicine, fish hatcheries, and gulf stream migration. Of the top awards, winners are awarded a $100 gift card and runners up are awarded $50 gift cards from the LSUS Foundation. 

Held in late March, the forum featured 100 presentations by students from 30 regional campuses in Louisiana, Texas, Arkansas, Oklahoma, and Mississippi. It aims to showcase the best and brightest students in the region, and is often recognized for bringing faculty, undergraduate, and graduate students from every discipline together to present research. 

“This event is unique in that the research forum features presentations from all disciplines,” Dr. Sanjay Menon, Dean of Graduate Studies, said. “This year, we even had students present their artwork. I was very impressed with the quality of presentations and am reassured that our future will one day be guided by these bright young minds.” 

Students are invited to present research and/or creative work in Arts & Humanities; Business, Education, Social Sciences, Mathematics, Science, Engineering, and Medicine. Prior to the event, abstract submissions go to the Scholars Forum Committee, and on the day of the event, students deliver a 15-minute oral presentation or a 5-minute poster presentation. A panel of judges, which includes faculty mentors representing all participating institutions, chooses the finalists who are recognized at the end of the conference. 

There are four categories of presentations: undergraduate poster, graduate poster, undergraduate oral presentation, and graduate oral presentation. 

Here is a complete list of Winners: 

Undergraduate Awards 

Poster Presentation Winner 

Christian Baker/Juan Gonzalez, Northwestern State University 

Helminthological survey of channel catfish (Ictalurus punctatus) in aquaculture hatchery 

Poster Presentation Runner Up 

Nicholas Stewart, Mississippi State University 

Using Local Ecological Knowledge to determine fish distribution in coastal rivers of the Gulf of Mexico 

Oral Presentation Winner 

Christian Muller, Oklahoma Baptist University 

Rediscovering an Ancient Wonder of the World: The Development of a 3D Model of the Hanging Gardens 

Oral Presentation Runner Up 

Alitzel Serrano, Tougaloo College 

Investigation on the Mechanics of Asymmetry in the Late Transitional Flow 

Graduate Awards 

Poster Presentation Winner 

Gaganpreet Kaur, LSU Health Sciences Center 

Hyperglycemia-induced effects on glycocalyx porteoglycans in the retina 

Poster Presentation Runner Up 

Avery Christenson/Chelsey Jordan, LSU Shreveport 

A Project-based Course to Enhance Student’s Appreciation for Applied Bioinformatics and Computational Tools in Modern Drug Discovery 

Oral Presentation Winner 

Yoonsung Hu, Mississippi State University 

Identification of host receptors of Streptococcus pnuemoniae adhesin A protein (PsaA) in colonization on human nasopharyngeal epithelial cells 

Oral Presentation Runner Up 

Vindyani Herath, Sam Houston State University 

Evaluating binary medical data using Bayesian Lasso approach 

For more information on the Regional Scholars Forum, contact Dr. Sanjay Menon,  LSU Shreveport Dean of Graduate Studies at

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