Two LSUS Professors Awarded Scientific Research Patents

Louisiana State University in Shreveport is proud to announce that both Dr. William Yu and Dr. Brian Salvatore have been awarded patents for their novel scientific research.

Dr. Yu’s “Carbon Dot Light Emitting Diodes” patent is based on a discovery in the nanotechnology lab, utilizing carbon nanoparticles to fabricate color LEDs. His discovery’s application allows for the adoption of earth abundant carbon-containing materials for light emitting, an effort that can further advance green chemistry.

Dr. Salvatore’s patent is for a set of new small molecules that could find application in the treatment of cancer. The importance of these novel compounds is that they are being synthesized and tested for their ability to inhibit abnormal cell signaling processes that are found in some of the most aggressive forms of cancer.

“It is important to patent novel ideas because the most straightforward way to develop new drugs is through commercial licensure of the intellectual property, so that any company who would invest in the clinical trials necessary to bring a particular drug to market would be able to recoup the costs associated with that investment,” stated Dr. Salvatore, Chair of the LSUS Department of Chemistry and Physics.

“We not only teach book knowledge in classrooms but also lead students in practical frontier research and contribute to the technology development,” said Dr. Yu, Assistant Professor of the LSUS Chemistry and Physics Department. “We can work on frontier science and technology in a teaching-focused university. Research is an important component for effective teaching.”

“This is the type of research that students and faculty conduct at LSUS,” said Dr. Salvatore.