Rotary Club of Shreveport’s Service Projects with Common Ground Community

On February 27th, several Rotarians of the Rotary Club of Shreveport along with family members and friends packed 250 bags at Common Ground Community for the students at the neighborhood school, Atkins Elementary School, with age appropriate books, activity books, snacks and small gift items for the students to take home over Spring break.

The club members designed and provided 1,000 bags to be used for this purpose as well as for other various activities.  In addition, the Club granted a $25,000 annual award to Common Ground to be used to purchase books, maintain the Rotary Learning Bus and supplement their every Friday food distribution to approximately 400 neighborhood families.

Several years ago our club members reviewed numerous large project proposals presented by our members.  Common Ground Community was voted the winner and we made a commitment of $125,000 total.  We purchased the Rotary Learning Bus the first year along with children’s books and supplies.  Each year we provide them with a grant of $25,000 to be used to maintain the bus and support their projects.

Our Rotarians have had the opportunity to assist with their Friday food distribution process, their Christmas marketplace and to provide school supplies, books and snacks for the 250 children at Atkins Elementary School, the neighborhood school in that area.