Greater Shreveport Chamber launches COVID-19 vaccination resource

The Greater Shreveport Chamber has launched, Vaccinate318, a website that provides the latest information on the COVID-19 vaccination efforts throughout Shreveport-Bossier. The resource provides information on who is currently eligible, locations where vaccines are available, as well as contact information for those locations. The site also shows locations on a map to aid citizens in finding the nearest location to them. The resource can be found at

“The Chamber believes that credible, actionable information is critical to overcoming the pandemic, re-opening our economy and moving our community forward,” stated Dr. Timothy Magner, President of the Greater Shreveport Chamber. “Now that vaccines are available its even more important for us to have a single place where individuals can get the latest information in real-time.”

The resource is updated after any changes in guidance from the Louisiana Department of Health, the Governor’s office, or the CDC and seeks to make it easier for those citizens who are eligible and want to be vaccinated, to become vaccinated.

Vaccinate318 is part of a wider initiative by the chamber to provide a single source for accurate and actionable information regarding the pandemic. This past year, as the pandemic was just hitting our community, the chamber also partnered with our local healthcare systems, municipalities and business groups to launch That resource serves to help clarify guidance and provide recommendations for local businesses to keep their employees and customers safe as we reopen our economy and keep it open.

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