Louisiana Association for the Blind and Sunu, Inc. Announce Partnership to Increase Availability of Sunu Band in Five States

Louisiana Association for the Blind (L.A.B.) and Sunu, Inc. are proud to announce a new partnership that will increase the regional availability of the Sunu Band, a sonar smartband that enables the visually impaired to better sense and navigate their environments. This agreement makes L.A.B. the sole distributor of the Sunu Band in Louisiana, Mississippi, Oklahoma, Tennessee and Texas, and provides opportunity for its affiliated agencies in these states to act as sub-distributors of Sunu Band.  

L.A.B.’s certified orientation and mobility specialists (COMS) will provide direct and virtual training for certified O&M instructors at participating agencies and new Sunu Band users, creating a convenient “one-stop-shop” for consumers.

“Ultimately, this is about convenience for those we serve,” said Louisiana Association for the Blind Vice President of Community Services Audra Muslow. “That community includes product users and clinicians with a shared goal of empowering our low vision and blind communities to live and work as independently as possible.  L.A.B. is proud to serve as a hub to our partners, and we are grateful to our friends at Sunu Band for this partnership.”    

 “At Sunu, we’ve always been committed to brining mobility solutions to our users, said Sunu Band Business Development Executive Diego Mendoza.  “L.A.B. has been there since the beginning of our journey to help us with our mission.  We’re delighted to be a part of their expansion and we know we accomplish great things together.”

The Sunu Band pairs sonar echolocation with gentle, precise vibration feedback to help the wearer detect objects up to 15 feet away. Sunu Band users often wear it in conjunction with a cane or guide dog to augment awareness, complement mobility and reduce the risk of accidents. During the COVID-19 pandemic, Sunu Band users have praised the device for its effectiveness in helping individuals with visual impairment practice social distancing. There are more than 5,000 Sunu Band users in 45 countries.

The Sunu Band is approximately the same size and appearance as a fitness tracker. A simple, two-button interface allows users to easily switch between indoor and outdoor modes, while a free mobile app for iOS and Android devices is used to adjust user preferences and install firmware updates when needed. Built-in navigational tools help the user learn about businesses and other points of interest located nearby.   Louisiana residents who are interested in learning more about the Sunu Band may do so by contacting Louisiana Association for the Blind at (318) 698-2300. Residents of Mississippi, Texas, Oklahoma and Tennessee are encouraged to contact their local agency for more information.  

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