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Cyber Innovation Center to collaborate on research and development with GoKnown, LLC

by BIZ Magazine

Shreveport-Bossier, La. — CIC, located in Bossier City, La., has partnered with GoKnown LLC, a digital data company, to collaborate on research and development. 

KnownLabsUSA, the research and development division of GoKnown, has developed pioneering technology in distributed ledger, edge computing, data security, machine learning and real-time intelligence. 

These breakthroughs have direct application for the CIC’s government, industry, and academic partners. 

“This new opportunity will see the CIC and its partners collaborate with GoKnown in an effort to develop new technology solutions,” said Craig Spohn, executive director and president of the CIC. “This partnership illustrates CIC’s dedication to cyber defense innovation and forming strategic alliances to further our mission of collaboration, education, and research.” 

KnownLabsUSA, located in Shreveport, is led by Michael Harold, co-founder and chief technology officer of GoKnown, LLC, and Dr. Ramesh Venkataramaiah, executive vice president of data products and services. 

“The opportunity to work closely with the teams at CIC provides Known Labs with access to world class talent and the resources necessary to make real time, machine intelligent, distributed ledger computing an economically viable reality,” Harold said. 

Constance Erlanger, co-founder and CEO of GoKnown, LLC, added, “We look forward to being a part of this vitally important collaboration with CIC and its partners. GoKnown is dedicated to creating sustainable technology and to working with strategic partners and customers to facilitate solutions to some of the world’s most challenging issues.”

One of those partners expected to benefit from this new partnership is the Louisiana Tech Research Institute (LTRI), a center of excellence of Louisiana Tech University. 

“This collaboration presents an opportunity for LTRI and other CIC partners to evaluate and leverage the new technology solutions developed by GoKnown,” said Dr. Sumeet Dua, Louisiana Tech Associate Vice President for Research and Partnerships. “We look forward to fully utilizing this partnership to serve LTRI’s mission of solving complex, emerging problems facing our nation.” 

About the CIC and GoKnown 

CIC is dedicated to fostering collaboration, accelerating technology, and enabling advanced research and development. Its mission includes developing a sustainable knowledge-based workforce that supports government, industry and education. GoKnown, LLC, is a technology company with offices in Miami, Fla., and Shreveport, La. The company collaborates with academic, government, and commercial interests in the development and deployment of its innovative solutions.

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