Sci-Port Supports Downtown, Encourages Shopping Local

Sci-Port Discovery Center (Sci-Port) has created a special “support local” collaborative partnership with the Downtown Development Authority (DDA) during the month of December. Shoppers who spend $10 at one of a number of downtown retail stores, restaurants and attractions will be able to convert their receipt into a $5 savings on a Sci-Port/Sno-Port Combo ticket. The special applies only to those tickets bought in person at Sci-Port, not online sales.

“We know that everyone is hurting in this year of Covid-19,” says Sci-Port Executive Director Dianne Clark, “and helping each other through it is the right thing to do. Sci-Port is part of a larger community, and we care how our local businesses are doing.”

“Sci-Port understands the importance of supporting our local small businesses,” says Liz Swaine, DDA Executive Director. “2020 has created a lot of habits, one of which is online shopping. Sci-Port is trying to help break that habit and have us return to the small businesses that mean so much to us personally and to our communities as a whole. The bonus of $5 off a Sci-Port combo ticket adds even more incentive.”

The combination ticket includes admission to all the Sci-Port exhibits; the POP-Power of Play, Adventure of Intrigue, the IMAX theater, and entry to the seasonal SnoPort Icicle Forest exhibit. These tickets normally run $25 for adults and $20 for children. You can use the deal as many times as you would like between now and December 31.

“Shop, dine, be entertained and enjoy Sci-Port’s wonderful holiday SnoPort Icicle Forest,” says Swaine. “You and your family will have a great time at Sci-Port while helping other local businesses, a double win for the holidays!”

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