Monday, May 27, 2024

Royal Alexander: It’s not over till Supreme Court says it is

by BIZ Magazine

It’s been interesting to watch virtually all major media declare that former VP Biden “won” the election.  It’s humorous to see Biden standing in front of the “Office of the President Elect” banner because there is no such office or position.  It’s a positive development to see the General Services Administration (GSA) not release federal funds for the so-called “Biden Transition” to begin given no winner of the election has been ascertained. 

 The hatred for Pres. Trump is so great that every imaginable form of distraction and confusion that can be enlisted to obscure the fact that no winner has been certified is being employed.  As an attorney, I succeed or fail based upon the strength of the evidence I present in court.  Period.  Not feelings, opinions, or innuendo.  Just evidence.  So, if the Trump Campaign is not able to gather and produce for the courts adequate, reliable evidence that widespread fraud has occurred, Pres. Trump will lose the argument and the race.  But not until.

 What do we know? We know that hundreds of individuals—alleging 1000s of instances of fraud—in a position to know have signed affidavits that they have personal knowledge of fraud.  Affidavits are evidence and used in courts daily across the country.  An affidavit is a written statement, under oath, that is sworn to be true.  Signing an affidavit that contains false information can subject the individual to criminal penalties.

 Are all these people lying? Very unlikely.  Further, the more we learn about this Dominion computer software the more stunning it becomes.  This software was written for the sole purpose of switching votes electronically, in real time—for cheating.  We also know that as many as 30 states use this same software to administer elections.  This is a major problem.

 All of this is to say nothing of allegations that in Philadelphia, contrary to Pennsylvania state law, election observers were denied the right to monitor the counting of approximately 120,000 ballots because they were forced to stand back and away, for a 20-hour period, from where the counting was taking place.  As a result, observers could not tell whether the ballots were correctly postmarked, addressed, signed, and sealed as required by law.  There are also allegations that ballots were backdated to appear timely.  

In Wisconsin, allegations that after election observers had gone home—sometime between 3-4 am—over 100,000 ballots “appeared” and were counted and, in a statistically improbable way, all the ballots appeared to have voted for one candidate.  In Milwaukee, the county moved quickly to alter its website registration portal, so the pro-Biden vote tally did not appear so statistically improbable.

In Michigan, allegations that observers were also denied access, again contrary to state law, to counting locations from which to observe the opening of ballots and the counting process.  One woman who identified herself as an election volunteer in Clark County stated she had found a box of 500 ballots outside of the vote counting facility inscribed with the names of individuals who were not on the County’s voter rolls.  In Detroit, windows were boarded up preventing poll watchers from viewing the counting of ballots.

Our sacred right to vote is a fundamental right and held inviolate for American citizens including the 73 million who voted for President Trump.

If former VP Biden becomes president under these circumstances he would delegitimize and lame-duck his presidency at its very beginning.  Win at all costs has costs.  People can accept losing if they lose fairly and squarely and the contest was conducted honestly.  We’re a long way from knowing that. 

Royal Alexander is a Shreveport attorney.

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