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Royal Alexander: Election looks increasingly like fraud

by BIZ Magazine

The right to vote is preservative of all other rights

Does this look like an honest election to you? Does it look open and transparent? Do you think it’s been conducted freely and fairly? Should we not give the 2020 election dispute the same 37 days to be resolved that was given in Bush v. Gore in 2000?

Every hour that passes since election day strengthens the argument that we are witnessing voter fraud in several states. If this is true, it is highly illegal and corrupt. Our sacred right to vote is a fundamental right and held inviolate for American citizens including the 70 million who voted for President Trump.

Our right to vote has been deemed fundamental because it truly is “preservative of all our other rights” (Yick Wo). In multiple places in the U.S. Constitution, in both articles and amendments, the right to vote is either referenced or specifically addressed and protected including by the 15th, 19th, 24th, and 26th Amendments.

The U.S. Supreme Court has further grounded the fundamental right to vote in a legal doctrine known as 14th Amendment Substantive Due Process, as well as in the Equal Protection Clause. There are also landmark federal statutes like the Civil Rights Act of 1964, Voting Rights Act of 1965 and 42 U.S.C. § 1983, which further enshrine this precious right to participate in our constitutional form of government.

Let’s consider a few allegations from the last 72 hours:

In Philadelphia, contrary to Pennsylvania state law, Republican election observers were apparently denied the right to monitor the counting of approximately 120,000 ballots because they were forced to stand back and away, for a 20-hour period, from where the counting was taking place. As a result, observers could not tell whether the ballots were correctly postmarked, addressed, signed, and sealed as required by law. There are also allegations that ballots were backdated to make it appear they were timely.

In Wisconsin, after election observers had gone home—sometime between 3-4 am—over 100,000 ballots “appeared” and were apparently counted and, in a statistically improbable way, all the ballots appeared to have voted for one candidate.

In Michigan, Republican observers were also denied access, again contrary to state law, to counting locations from which to observe the opening of ballots and the counting process. One woman who identified herself as an election volunteer in Clark County stated she had found a box of 500 ballots outside of the vote counting facility inscribed with the names of individuals who were not on the County’s voter rolls. In Detroit, windows were boarded up preventing poll watchers from viewing the counting of ballots.

It’s also becoming clear that a glitch in the computer software used in counties throughout the state of Michigan—and in as many as 30 other states—caused 6,000 votes for Pres. Trump to be switched to Biden votes.

Across the country there are still other allegations of fraud or irregularities, including after-hours counting and the discovery of “midnight” votes and what appears to be vote harvesting. Numerous lawsuits have been filed regarding these allegations. Unsurprisingly, a highly partisan “news” media is generally not reporting any of this.

Virtually every American is blessed with the sacred right to vote. (Felons and those with mental incapacity may be excepted). Many brave men and women fought and died to be certain that our government and our courts would guarantee the sanctity of our vote and the fairness of our elections. What we are witnessing now is a travesty. This kind of cheating and abuse is how violent unrest is sparked by Americans who simply are not going to tolerate having their vote, and this election, stolen from them.

Royal Alexander is a Shreveport attorney.

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