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Dr. R. Bruce Williams Named Pathologist of the Year, 19 Others Recognized


The College of American Pathologists (CAP), the world’s largest organization for the doctors who diagnose and study disease, recognized several of its members for their dedication to and advancement of pathology and laboratory medicine. The CAP’s annual meeting was a bit different this year compared to years in the past, being completely virtual in efforts to maintain social distancing and respect health mandates.

The CAP named R. Bruce Williams, MD, FCAP, as the recipient of the Pathologist of the Year award for his forward-thinking leadership as the 35th president of the CAP (2017–2019), preceded by many years of outstanding contributions and dedicated service to his patients, the CAP, and the specialty of pathology.

Included in his efforts, Dr. Williams has been involved in many parts of the CAP’s laboratory accreditation program by leading inspection teams, drafting accreditation checklist questions, being interviewed by newspaper reporters, and leading speaking engagements at national meetings.


Throughout his career, Dr. Williams supported the improvement and advancement of pathology by urging members to look toward the future and adapt to new roles and technologies. During his presidency, the CAP launched several new programs and initiatives dedicated to overall improvement within the CAP.

“I accept this award on behalf of all pathologists who volunteer to do their part to help the CAP achieve its goals,” said Dr. Williams. “It is only through the thousands of pathologists who volunteer to serve on committees, councils, and the board and who develop educational material, PT products, who represent us in Washington, DC, and who lead and participate in inspections that this organization can reach its full potential. It is an honor for me to be able to recognize all of our members who contribute so much to this organization.”

Dr. Williams is a founding member of the Delta Pathology Group, LLC, in Lafayette, Louisiana, where he serves on the executive committee as practice manager of Delta Pathology’s mid-Louisiana region and as laboratory director. He is an associate clinical professor of pathology at Louisiana State University Medical Center-Shreveport.

The CAP recognized 19 other members and resident pathologists for their contributions, achievements, and service in a multitude of areas, including but not limited to advocacy, patient care, education, quality improvement programs, and communications. The CAP annually honors members for their commitment to the specialty and quality patient care.

“We are so grateful for Dr. Williams’ leadership at the CAP and his dedication to pathology. Without him, the improvements and growth we’ve had as an organization would not have been possible,” said current CAP President Patrick Godbey, MD, FCAP. “All of the award winners have gone above and beyond for both pathology and patients, especially during a critical time like the pandemic.”

This year’s CAP member honorees are:

Advocate of the Year Award

Elizabeth T. Martin, MD, FCAP
Distinguished Patient Care Award

Bobbi S. Pritt, MD, FCAP
Distinguished Service Award

Christina A. Arnold, MD, FCAP
Guang Fan, MD, PhD, FCAP
Laboratory Accreditation Program Service Award

Bharati Suketu Jhaveri, MD, FCAP
Laboratory Improvement Programs Service Award

Paul N. Valenstein, MD, FCAP
Lifetime Achievement Award

Philip A. Branton, MD, FCAP
Victor Y. Cabañas, MD, FCAP
Desiree A. Carlson, MD, FCAP
John R. Harbour, MD, FCAP
Peter Louis Perrotta, MD, FCAP
Outstanding Communicator Award

Diana M. Cardona, MD, FCAP
Outstanding Educator Award

Sarah Muntzing Bean, MD, FCAP
Outstanding Service Award

Walter H. Henricks, MD, FCAP
Pathology Advancement Award

Kimberly H. Allison, MD, FCAP
Public Service Award

Ronald W. McLawhon, MD, PhD, FCAP
Resident Advocate Award

Kamran M. Mirza, MD, PhD, FCAP
Resident of the Year Award

Pavandeep Gill, MD
Staff Outstanding Achievement Award

Richard L. Moldwin, MD, PhD

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