Willis-Knighton Executives publish in International Research Journal

James K. Elrod, Willis-Knighton Health System president and CEO, and John L. Fortenberry, Jr., Willis-Knighton vice president and professor and chair of the James K. Elrod Department of Health Administration at LSUS, have once again been published in BMC Health Services Research. 

BMC Health Services Research is an open-access, peer-reviewed journal that deals with healthcare management, delivery, access, and allocation of healthcare resources, among other topics.

The most recent articles authored by Elrod and Fortenberry were published in the BMC supplement titled “Marketing communications in health and medicine: perspectives from Willis-Knighton Health System.” They focus on advertising, public relations, sales promotion and related communicative avenues and more. They include:

  • “Marketing Communications in Health and Medicine: Perspectives from Willis-Knighton Health System”
  • “Advertising in Health and Medicine: Using Mass Media to Communicate with Patients”
  • “Personal Selling in Health and Medicine: Using Sales Agents to Engage Audiences”
  • “Sales Promotion in Health and Medicine: Using Incentives to Stimulate Patient Interest and Attention”
  • “Public Relations in Health and Medicine: Using Publicity and Other Unpaid Promotional Methods to Engage Audiences”
  • “Direct Marketing in Health and Medicine: Using Direct Mail Email Marketing, and Communicative Methods to Engage Patients”
  • “Foundational Elements of Communication in Health and Medicine: Avenues for Strengthening the Marketing Communications Mix
  • “Response Hierarchy Models and their Application in Health and Medicine: Understanding the Hierarchy of Effects”
  • “Integrated Marketing Communications: A Strategy Priority in Health and Medicine”
  • “Reflecting on ‘Marketing Communications in Health and Medicine: Perspectives from Willis-Knighton Health System”: Understanding the Big Picture”

The full supplement can be accessed at:                             https://bmchealthservres.biomedcentral.com/articles/supplements/volume-20-supplement-1

The complete body of work by Elrod and Fortenberry can be accessed at:

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