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LSU Health Shreveport expands enrollment ages in Pfizer-sponsored COVID-19 vaccine study


LSU Health Shreveport is expanding enrollment in the Pfizer-sponsored COVID-19 vaccine study for the next two weeks to include individuals ages 16-18 and those older than 85 years of age.  Those interested in participating in this important vaccine trial should sign up as quickly as possible.  

LSU Health Shreveport began the Pfizer sponsored vaccine trial on September 3 and has been very successful in enrolling participants.  The trial will further expand in October allowing individuals ages 12-15 to participate.

The trial remains a randomized, placebo-controlled trial of an mRNA vaccine to prevent illness due to the SARS-CoV2 virus. The vaccine will be administered by injection. Further details of the study can be found at https://clinicaltrials.gov.


LSU Health Shreveport discoveries were licensed earlier this year by global biopharma firm BioNTech and serve as a key building block of Pfizer’s mRNA vaccine currently in Phase 2/3 safety and efficacy clinical study.

Criteria for this vaccine study requires that participants be in good general health, not pregnant and have not been previously diagnosed with COVID-19.  An assessment by the principal investigator of this study will determine individuals risk for contracting the COVID-19 by understanding one’s type of work, lifestyle and all medical conditions.  All those interested in being a part of this vaccine trial should promptly complete the COVID-19 Vaccine Interest Survey. The survey can be found on the LSU Health Shreveport website at lsuhs.edu/coronavirus.

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