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Barksdale’s own wins 2020 Notary of the Year

by BIZ Magazine

One of Barksdale’s own has been nationally recognized through his embodiment of service before self by winning the 2020 Notary of the Year award.
Mr. Alan A. Warren, 2nd Bomb Wing legal office automation assistant, was chosen for this award by the National Notary Association (NNA) who presents this honor to “an outstanding Notary Public who demonstrates a level of professionalism and ethical conduct that sets a high standard for other Notaries to emulate.”

In addition to job performance, the award is given to those who distinguish themselves by their service to the community – a passion which Warren has dedicated his life to.

“As I grew older, I had a desire to help, to try and make a difference in people’s lives,” Warren said.

In Warren’s 20 year career in the United States Air Force, he served in various security forces positions ranging from superintendent of operation security to antiterrorism force protection advisor to the Air Force Space Command director of operations – a position in which he was the first enlisted member of the team. He served at five different bases during his career, one of which was Barksdale from 1991 until 1993. Warren retired from the Air Force in 2004, but came back to Barksdale in 2007 as a civilian to continue serving his country.

As the longest standing member in the legal office with more than 13 years of service, he has assisted approximately 17,000 clients and saved the greater Barksdale community more than $1,289,150 in legal fees. In 2019 alone, Warren provided the base populace with 685 Special Powers of Attorney, 255 General Powers of Attorney, 35 Affidavits and 18 Bills of Sale.

When Warren is not working to ensure mission readiness at Barksdale as a Louisiana Civil Law Notary, he is assisting the men and women of struggling neighborhoods in Shreveport, managing a subsidized housing program, cooking for the congregation at his church, doing his church’s taxes and using his knowledge and abilities to provide relief for those who can’t afford legal assistance.

He is on the Board of Directors of Shreveport Common, a non-profit organization tasked with revitalizing underprivileged areas of the neighborhood. The organization has millions of dollars invested in improving deserted areas around the city with hopes of attracting developers to build homes and commercial property throughout the area. Through his local church, Warren also serves as a vice president of a subsidized housing complex with 65 units.

“We have the best subsidized housing units in the city,” Warren said. “We keep one of the best apartment complexes in town. And we re-invest every dime earned back into the units.”

Community involvement aside, becoming a Louisiana Notary is no small feat. Louisiana is one of the only states with Civil Law Notaries – a system where notaries can draft and record legal documents. To become a Louisiana Civil Law Notary, applicants must pass an extensive exam.

Naturally, upon becoming a Louisiana Civil Law Notary, Warren ensured he was doing what he could to improve the field of work at large. He is an active member and former president of the Professional Civil Law Notary Association (PCLNA) and has “defined standards of practice and set learning objectives for the organization’s notary education programs.” Warren sees the importance of this role in the community, and has strived to improve the field and educate its members. He is passionate about the civil law system because it has allowed him to assist those in the community who cannot afford legal help.

He is an invaluable member of the legal office team and the community as a whole. Due to COVID-19, the NNA 2020 Conference has been pushed, and Warren will be honored as Notary of the Year at the NNA 2021 Conference.

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