Monday, May 27, 2024

Congressmen propose regulatory reform, agency transparency

by BIZ Magazine

By Bethany Blankley | The Center Square

Five Republican congressmen have proposed a bill to reduce regulatory burdens on Americans by ensuring government agencies comply with laws and are transparent.

The Freedom From Regulations Act was sponsored by Reps. Ted Budd, R-N.C., Chip Roy, R-TX, Ben Cline, R-VA, Adrian Smith, R-NE, and Bill Flores, R-TX.

The bill requires independent agencies to comply with federal statutes like the Unfunded Mandates Reform Act, the Economic Growth and Regulatory Paperwork Reduction Act, and the Data Quality Act. By doing so, bureaucrats are required to write clear, transparent regulations that would in turn lessen the burden on the American people, they argue.

“Independent agencies should comply with common sense regulatory restraints so that the rules they write are clear, transparent, and lessen the burden on the American people,” Budd said in a statement. “This is a common sense bill that will restrain the power of the regulatory state.”

“Let’s face it: the federal bureaucracy is too big, it does too many things, and what it does, it usually doesn’t do very well,” Republican Study Committee Chairman Mike Johnson of Louisiana said. “It’s a massive problem, but it’s one that can be solved with bold leadership, common sense and innovative solutions like the Freedom from Regulations Act.”

Several groups have expressed support for the bill, including the National Taxpayers Union, Heritage Action for America and FreedomWorks.

“Though independent agencies are insulated from the executive branch for important reasons, the regulations they issue can have a significant impact on millions of Americans,” Andrew Lautz, policy and government affairs manager at the National Taxpayers Union, said.

Once agencies comply with these laws, taxpayers will have the opportunity to weigh in on proposed regulations, he says.

FreedomWorks argues that the U.S. regulatory state “is out of control.” It points to studies indicating that the overall cost to taxpayers to fund U.S. federal regulation is between $1.8 trillion and $4 trillion annually, “rivaling the size of some of the largest economies on Earth.”

It has also published a guide to help taxpayers understand how the regulatory process works, and a list of regulatory reforms recently implemented.

Since 2016, the Trump administration has rolled back seven regulations for every regulation created.

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