Wednesday, February 21, 2024

Committee of 100 supports mask mandate

by BIZ Magazine

The Committee of 100, Inc. supports efforts in Louisiana to require residents and visitors to wear a face mask as our state deals with a surge in COVID-19 cases. This decision was made after extensive meetings with the leaders of our area hospital systems, who highly recommend wearing a face mask to prevent any further surge in cases locally.

Since we first learned of the COVID-19 pandemic, our organization has been focused on addressing the issues facing our neighbors and area businesses. We believed that re-opening our economy was critical for the area. But we also had the obligation to do it safely. As we have worked to bring normalcy back to our lives, we have seen the number of positive cases climb once again to dangerous levels.

The Committee of 100, Inc., which is made up of business and industry executives from across Northwest Louisiana, worked with and listened closely to our local healthcare experts on how we could prevent a further spread of COVID-19. They believe and we agree that face masks in public places is a measure that is needed to significantly reduce exposure to the virus. We also strongly support their recommendation that people continue to social distance themselves from others, even while wearing masks. These precautions along with frequent hand-washing remains the best line of defense in minimizing the spread.

“Our position as a group has not changed since the beginning of this pandemic,” said Greg Lott, President of the Committee of 100. “We hope 2020 will be remembered as the year of unity for our community. To achieve that we must all work together to protect ourselves, our families and our neighbors. Wearing a face mask is a small sacrifice we can all make to lessen the physical and economic impact of COVID-19 here at home.”

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