Friday, February 23, 2024

LSU-S: Fall classes will be face-to-face

by BIZ Magazine

Shreveport, LA – Louisiana State University in Shreveport has announced its expectation to resume regular face-to-face classes this fall.

The LSUS decision to resume on-campus instruction is consistent with the intentions of other LSU campuses, including LSU A&M. It comes after months of planning and consideration, including soliciting feedback from faculty and students in campus Zoom meetings. “Our primary goal this fall,” stated Chancellor Larry Clark, “will be providing as safe a campus as possible for our students, faculty and staff, while still providing a valuable academic experience for everyone. We will be responsive to possible major changes during this global pandemic, actively monitoring changes in the state and across the nation. If we need to pivot or change directions to make our campus safer at any point, we will certainly take those steps.”

Provost Dr. Helen Taylor echoed Chancellor Clark’s sentiments saying, “We are working with deans and faculty to develop plans for smaller classes and more class sections, as well as using greater technology to increase flexibility. We will stress physical distancing, greatly expand cleaning protocols, and increase messaging about social responsibility to promote safety across our entire campus.”

LSUS has achieved national recognition for online education, primarily at the graduate level. “This success helped LSUS to effectively pivot our face-to-face classes to online learning in early spring,” stated Dr. Taylor. “Fortunately, most students showed great flexibility and perseverance to adapt to the changing environment and to successfully complete their semester. We look forward to welcoming them back to campus.”

In addition to preparing for welcoming students back in the fall, LSUS is offering a 10% reduction in fees for all students, and there are still many scholarships available for the fall semester, including free tuition for Pell eligible first time face-to-face freshmen who apply by July 1st.

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