Downtown’s Logan Mansion Offers Time Capsules for COVID-19 Memories

The Logan Mansion at 725 Austen Place in Shreveport has borne witness to more than 123 years of local history: wars, natural disasters, diseases and now, a global pandemic. Logan Mansion owners Lisa and Joseph Brutto know how important it is to save and share history. In 25, 50 or 100 years, people will want to know how we lived during the outbreak, what we did, how we felt and the choices we made during the COVID-19 Pandemic of 2020. These personal stories, photos and small trinkets will paint the picture of our time.

 The mansion is offering a limited number of 2.5” x 6.4” 16 oz. metal canisters in which to save these precious memories and pass them down. “It allows us to be a time traveler in a way,” says Lisa. “It will show who we are and what we went through to people years from now. This is a very special opportunity, it’s like our diary to the future.” 

The Spring Street Historical Museum and the main branch of the Shreve Memorial Library have already asked for some of the time capsules to save, store and open in the future. Other historic repositories may also step forward to store some of the capsules, but they can also be handed down within families, to be opened at a point in the future.

Lisa and Joseph encourage people to share short videos of what they intend to include in their time capsule and any stories they would like to tell on the Logan Mansion Facebook page. “I’m going to love to see what people include,” she says.

What should you put in the time capsule? Historians suggest items that describe your daily life, such as personal notes, pictures, and documents, small trinkets, medals, coins, whatever you think it will take to help someone 50 or 100 years from now know what things were like in 2020. Be aware that the technology of the future will be different, so things like flash drives or SD cards will be obsolete and unusable. Printed items are preferred.

The Time Capsules are available for purchase for $15 on the Logan Mansion’s Facebook page and can picked up in person or mailed to you for a small shipping charge. All proceeds will be considered donations and will go toward continued upkeep of the 1897 Victorian Mansion.